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Experienced strategy consultants providing deep research, analysis and market–based advisory services critical in the investment process and in driving the growth of companies.



Our Services

Growth Strategy

Daymark provides clients that are actively seeking meaningful top-line growth with data-driven and actionable advisory services to help them better understand their market opportunities and develop growth strategies.

Transaction Support

Daymark supports client decision making for transactions including market due diligence, acquisition screening, and sell-side diligence by leveraging extensive experience helping investors gather data from key stakeholders (customers / end users, competitors, etc.) in order to answer key questions surrounding the investment thesis.

Strategic Assessment

Daymark supports client efforts to analyze internal performance and market positioning including the identification of specific areas of improvement including sales force / marketing effectiveness, company performance, and competitive comparisons.


Our Approach

The guiding principle at Daymark is to provide our clients with in-depth insights to central questions.

Created in response to an underserved market, Daymark serves clients with a need for high-quality strategic consulting services – including growth strategy, transaction support, and strategic assessment.  Engagements are often part of the investment process for companies and /or portfolio companies seeking to drive growth without the resources to engage a top-tier strategy consulting firm with weekly fees surpassing six figures.


Daymark is led by seasoned-professionals with more than two decades of experience and 400+ completed projects and experience working with other high-end strategy firms. Projects are staffed with experienced professionals with teams that are often augmented with contracted consultants and vendor support (technology specialists, specialized research support, etc.)

Our ultimate goal is to provide high-level client service with tangible, data-driven and actionable findings with minimal time and effort required from our clients. We pride ourselves on our unmatched best practices (i.e., data hygiene – including meta-data review and response patterns analysis – and cross-referential comparisons) and we work hard to equip our clients with nothing less than pressure-tested quality insights. At the same time, we are responsive and are accustomed to working within tight transaction-driven time frames where our client’s availability is often limited.   


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