Transaction Support

Daymark supports client decision making for transactions including market due diligence, acquisition screening, and sell-side diligence.


Our team has extensive experience helping investor groups gather data from key stakeholders (customers / end users, competitors, etc.) in order to answer key questions surrounding the investment thesis.


Key issues addressed include:

  • Market size and trends

  • Competitive landscape and positioning

  • Company performance (customer feedback, revenue projections)

  • Mapping of decision process and value chain

Daymark provides clients that are actively seeking meaningful top-line growth with data-driven and actionable advisory services to help them better understand their market opportunities and develop growth strategies.


Key issues addressed include:

  • New product evaluation / assessment - assessment of viability / attractiveness of new products or services

  • Geographic expansion – evaluation of growth prospects in new markets / geographies

  • Competitive analysis – performance comparisons, competitive strategies and the implications to growth

About Us

Daymark Consulting, LLC is a team of experienced strategy consultants providing research, analysis and market–based advisory services critical in the investment process and in driving the growth of companies. Services include, but are not limited to, growth strategy, transaction support and other strategic assessment engagements.  


Our direct market feedback and strategic thinking and analysis approach ensures fact-based, unbiased answers to clients' questions, providing the foundation for informed and efficient decision making and quantifiable, tangible findings that are actionable. 


Daymark services a wide range of clients, across a wide-range of industries, with a focus on growth oriented companies and investor groups including:


  • Private equity sponsors including Lower to Middle Market Buyout Funds, Growth Equity and Venture Capital Investors, and Lenders

  • Potrfolio Companies

  • Corporate Clients 

Industry Experience

Daymark supports client efforts to analyze internal performance and market positioning including the identification of specific areas of improvement including sales force / marketing effectiveness, company performance, and competitive comparisons.


Key issues addressed include:

  • Operational assessment - company performance (customer feedback), sales force / marketing effectivness

  • Competitive landscape – competitive positioning and trends

  • Brand awareness / positioning - strength of company's brand and market perceptions

Strategic Assessment
Growth Strategy
About Us