Our team conducts strategic and tactical advisory engagements for management teams actively seeking to impact their top line growth as well as investor groups evaluating new opportunities and / or industries. 


Daymark assesses businesses and markets on a variety of criteria and has extensive expertise in assessing complex, poorly understood markets. Direct market feedback, strategic thinking and analysis provide fact-based, unbiased answers to clients’ questions providing the foundation for informed and efficient decision making. 


Daymark's highly experienced strategy consultants are adept at providing insights on the data and understanding how to interpret the results and determine actions.


Although Daymark supports client decision making across a wide range of strategic and tactical issues, our typical engagements are focused on helping management teams and / or investor groups evaluate opportunities to drive top line growth. Typical engagements include:


Growth Strategy


  • Evaluation of new products or services

  • Assessment of expansion to new geographies / markets

  • Competitive positioning and the implications to growth

Transaction Support


  • Pre and post-exclusivity (LOI) market diligence

  • Sell-side transaction support

  • Growth equity and venture capital investment evaluation

  • Acquisition screening (identification and prioritization of possible target acquisitions)

Strategic Assessment


  • Operational assessment of company performance, sales force effectiveness / optimization, marketing strategies, etc.

  • Competitive landscape and market trends

  • Brand awareness and positioning