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Daymark Opens Denver Office


As part of our ongoing efforts to grow our presence and better serve our clients, Daymark is proud to announce the opening of a Denver office.  Located in downtown Denver, this new office brings Daymark closer to many of our clients and positions us for continued growth.

"All of us at Daymark are excited about the continued growth of our firm and our new office is just part of our plans to continue to improve our services and capabilities for our clients," stated Jodi Dreher, Director at Daymark, who is heading the Denver office. 

Our New Location:

Daymark Consulting - Denver

1801 North Broadway, 5th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80202

(303) 209-9807

In addition to the new Denver office, Daymark has its headquarters office in Boston.

Daymark COVID-19 Dealmaker Survey


In an effort to gauge the views of middle market dealmakers of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the dealmaking environment, Daymark surveyed middle market dealmakers in March 2020.

Obviously, there are unprecedented levels of uncertainty across today's global economy.  As more economic / employment data becomes available, it is evident that the short term impact of COVID-19 on the economy is of historic proportions driving levels of uncertainty that have had an immediate and marked impact on the deal environment.  

Many dealmakers report that they are continuing to look to source and invest in new deals.  However, dealmakers face a myriad of challenges  / obstacles in the current environment including a lack of credit, sellers opting to hold, a lack of certainty regarding the magnitude, and length of the economic impact of the crisis.  

Some dealmakers note that even if their team could overcome all of those challenges, it would still be nearly impossible to pursue a deal due to travel and gathering restrictions.  

Daymark's report also summarizes dealmakers' sentiments for the pre-COVID-19 deal environment, the outlook for deals in the nearer-term and long term, the implications to dealmakers' priorities, and more.  Please click here to request the complete report.

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