Growth Strategy 


Daymark provides management teams actively seeking meaningful top-line growth with data-driven and actionable growth strategy advisory services to help them better understand their market opportunities and develop growth strategies.  


Typical engagements may answer the following questions:


New Product / Services Introductions

  • What is the (quantifiable) market demand / opportunity for new products / services? 

  • What is the roadmap to a successful market introduction?  Who are the key decision makers and what drives the purchasing decision?  What is required to succeed?

  • Who currently serves the market(s)?  What products / services currently serve the market?  What are the implications to the prospects for growth?


Market Expansion / Growth

  • New markets / geographies – which end markets or geographies can the company benefit from? What is required to succeed?

  • Existing market(s) – which segments, channels, and products are most attractive for continued growth?

  • Target growth – evaluating growth for market and market position. How to get there from here?

  • Acquisition growth – what competitive or vertical opportunities are there?

  • Predictive revenue modeling - what is potential available revenue for new market / product opportunities?


Sales and Marketing Prioritization

  • Given the growth opportunities in a market, which customer segments and channels represent the best opportunities for success?

  • What are the key requirements and threshold capabilities to serve?

  • How can the company improve its sales force effectiveness?


Engagements vary and all are tailored to meet the client's needs. 


Engagement details:

  • Project length varies from 2-4 weeks to as many as 2-3 months based on the client’s needs.

  • Daymark leverages its expertise in driving market-based insights to develop a thorough fact-base addressing the key issues of the engagement.



Sample Case - Evaluation of New Product Concept



  • The client is a provider of cloud-based (SaaS) software providing asset and facilities management services for clients across a variety of end markets / industry verticals.

  • The company is evaluating a variety of strategies for growth including new products and services.

  • As part of this effort, Daymark was engaged to evaluate the demand for a private labeled mobile (tablet) device as a dedicated hardware platform for the company’s asset and facilities management software solutions.

Key Issues


  • How do end users of the company’s software solutions (and non-customers utilizing other provider’s solutions) view the company’s potential new hardware (tablet) device?

  • What is demand for such a device?  What is the expected rate of adoption for the product at various price points?

  • What other capabilities / functionality would end users expect to see in the mobile device?

  • Are there competing devices in the market?  If so, which competitor offers these devices?  What are their capabilities / functionality?  How have they been received in the market?

  • What would be the buying process for these products?  Who are the key decision makers (operations, IT, etc.)?  What are the key obstacles to adoption?

  • What are the implications to the growth prospects for the new mobile hardware device (tablet) of the above (what is Daymark’s assessment of the growth prospects)?

  • The Daymark team tested the product concept through conversations with decision makers at customers and other market participants across the client’s target end markets / verticals.

  • Through this primary research, and the use of other sources and findings sourced from desktop research, the team developed a series of findings and recommendations across the key issues of the engagement.



  • Daymark’s findings were a key part of the client’s decision to cease further development of the new mobile device product concept and seek other avenues to drive accelerated growth.



Daymark has conducted Growth Strategy services across many different industries


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