About Daymark


Daymark Consulting LLC was created in response to an underserved market – clients with a need for high-quality strategic consulting services including growth strategy, transaction support, and strategic assessment.  Engagements are often part of the investment process for companies / portfolio companies seeking to drive growth without the resources to engage a top-tier strategy consulting firm with weekly fees surpassing six figures.


Daymark is led by seasoned-professionals from high-end strategy firms (Monitor, McKinsey, etc.), with more than two decades of experience and 400+ completed projects. Projects are staffed with experienced professionals with teams that are often augmented with contracted consultants and vendor support (technology specialists, specialized research support, etc.).


This flexible approach enables Daymark to closely pair our resources with our client’s needs and to leverage a network of specialized consultants in both industry experience and discipline (market research, financial modeling, program management, etc.). This “contract” resource approach also enables Daymark to limit project overhead costs, savings that are passed through to its clients, while maintaining high service levels. 


Our goal is to provide high-level client service with tangible, data-driven and actionable findings with minimal time and effort required from our clients. We are responsive and are accustomed to working within tight transaction-driven time frames where our client’s availability is often limited.   


We are respectful with the confidential nature of the information we are privy to and the recommendations that we are providing. Primary research is typically conducted on a "blind" basis with no mention of the client and / or target company or pending transaction. This minimizes client inquiries to the target management team, thus minimizing the risk of the engagement to the customer relationship and limiting the involvement of the deal team throughout the process. 


Our firm does not focus on specific industry sectors and has experience across a wide range of market verticals. Daymark's flexible staffing model allows us to leverages industry experts as needed.


Daymark is located in Boston, however our clients are disperse.


We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about what we do and the impact we could have on your business and / or investment portfolio. Please contact us for more information.